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Product Condition FAQs

  • Are all your products used?
    No. If a Product says CPO in the title, then it's CPO (Certified Pre-Owned)quick insert

  • What are the conditions like of your CPO iPhones?
    All our CPO devices are Premium Pre-Owned iPhones. They do not contain any cracks or scratches on the screen when held at an arm's length. If the device does have general use scratches we will include a free screen protector. Our Premium Pre-Owned iPhones contain no dents unless stated in the product description under condition. 

  • What is included with a CPO device?
    Our CPO Phones include that charger and may include the box. Earphones are not included for hygienic purposes but can be requested. Subject to availability. 

  • How long have your products been used?
    Due to our devices being previously used and traded in on new purchases, we can not determine the exact time of use. We do however run our devices through a comprehensive software program that does give us the battery hold %. This determines how well a battery holds its charge. A copy of the certificate can be requested. 

  • Are CPO device batteries new?
    No. We do not replace batteries unless it fails the battery test. If you would like a new battery it can be fitted at cost price. 

  • Are all stock local stock?
    All our phones unless stated otherwise are local stock. Imported devices are indicated in the product description. 

  • Warranty on imports
    What are the warranties on imported devices. All imported devices carry a 6 month warranty unless stated otherwise on the product page under warranty.

Product Availability  FAQs

  • Are all products on your website in stock?
    No. Our website contains products from various stores. It may be the case that this product is sold out in stored and not update online in time. To avoid delays please confirm availability or lead times. 

  • What does backorder mean?
    Backorder means a device is not in stock but can be sourced. Sourcing this device take between 7-10 business days.