Special Imports

All Special Imports are covered by a 6 Month Warranty unless stated otherwise. In the event that your special imported device is faulty within 6 Months we will collect the device from you. The device will be sent back to the supplier. Once the supplier indicates that they will replace the device we will immediately order a replacement for you. In the event that the supplier chooses to repair the device we will not be liable to replace this device and you will have to wait for the time as specified by the supplier at that point. If the supplier indicates that the device will be replaced we will send you a replacement which will take 5-7 business days but may take up to 10

All Special Imported products do not carry warranty in South Africa.

What is covered under warranty?

  • Hardware Problems
  • Touch Screen Problems
  • No peripherals are covered under warranty (including but not limited to chargers and pens)
  • Factory faults only

Please note under no circumstances will we refund special imports unless the supplier does not have stock.We reserve the right to repair your device regarded the repair is completed within 10-15 business days.  We reserve the right to replace if replacement takes 10-15 business days.

Full Refund Policy Can be found here