Buying online is safe and secure. If you are new to online purchasing please follow the following steps. 

Find what you are looking for.

Finding what you want is as easy as searching in our smart search bar located on the top of the page.

Navigate to the search bar and start typing what you are looking to buy. 

Once you start typing a drop-down of suggested products will appear. 

Once you have decided on your product, click on add to cart found on the bottom right of the picture.

After you have clicked on add to cart, a pop up button will appear to view cart. 

If you want to buy something else you can continue to view other products. 

Once you are ready to purchase you can click cart button located on the top left. It also indicates the amount or total cart value. 

In your cart you will find all your products you intend on buying. You increase or decrease the quantity by changing the number and then clicking on update cart.

Once you have decided what you want to buy you now have to choose if you want to collect your device from our office or have it delivered to you.