Items in stock

Once payment has been received we process your order and confirm payment which can take between 1-2 business days

Once your order is ready we will start packaging it and get it ready for the courier. 

You order will usually take 2 business days from collection to delivery

In total in-stock items can be expected within 4 business days 


If the device is back-ordered it means we do not have stock available but upon payment, we can order this device. Delivery of this device can take anywhere from 7-15 business days. Once we receive your device we will update you. If we can not source the device we will offer you a better device at a discounted price or refund you in full 

NB : Stock on our website may sell out in stores or as part of cash on collection order and updates to the website may be delayed. Please confirm if you require a device urgently

Imported Devices

Imported devices are imported on your behalf from the supplier. This takes 7-15 business days and warranty is covered by Powerbite. We will update you once we received your device.